DJ 4rain Shares Intimate Chill House Cut “I Don’t Belong”


French hip-hop and electronic music producer DJ 4rain needs some attention ASAP. He just recently dropped his latest single “I Don’t Belong” that fuses pop sensibilities with deep house.

This is a significant change of pace for the Grammy-nominated producer. Since 2015, DJ 4rain has worked with a myriad of top tier names in music industry. This includes Meek Mill, Quavo, and Emeli Sande to name a few. His production style across these collaborations and under his own singles has leaned closer to hip-hop and trap. But DJ 4rain takes his production talents into uncharted territory with “I Don’t Belong.”

It opens with pop-soul female vocals and a gentle piano melody. Everything’s par for the course here so far; the hushing build and thin drum roll mix well with the repeating lyrics. Where this song really hits it’s stride is in the drop. The happy tone of the build is met with a warm welcome as the drop’s bass line bounces around with a ear-pleasing melody join atop with piano.

The new single from DJ 4rain is an interesting turn of event for this relatively new artist. On his fifth single, he switches into a genre he hasn’t commercially shown the world he can do and does a great job on it. This promising versatility will keep our eyes peeled for his upcoming releases.

Make sure to also check out the new music video for “I Don’t Belong” by DJ 4rain out now.